HIIT class / High Intensity Interval Training.

A total body, heart pumping, aerobic and strength conditioning workout. This interval-based class combines full-body strength training with high intensity cardio bursts designed to tone your body, improve your endurance and clear your mind before the busy days ahead. Start the week off right with this workout that will get your body moving, heart pumping and focuses on your foundation, your core. Love it or hate it, everyone needs to strengthen their core.

What is HIIT and what makes it so effective?

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and there’s a reason everybody’s talking about it – it works!

HIIT involves repeated bursts of high intensity exercise interspersed with low intensity recovery periods. This enables you to achieve results in improved muscle tone, fat burning, strength building, endurance and cardio fitness all in less time than by other methods.

The reason HIIT is so effective is that it produces excess post-oxygen consumption, or EPOC (yes, another industry acronym!) EPOC raises your resting metabolic rate for twenty-four hours or more after your training session. In other words, it turns your body into a fat-burning machine.

Is HIIT right for me?

In our hectic world, it’s easy to see why HIIT is so popular. We are all looking for ways to streamline our lives – if you could achieve the same fitness results or better in less time, why wouldn’t you? HIIT sessions can slot into anyone’s daily routine, making them more sustainable in the long term than other workouts. Before jumping on board though, here are a few things to consider:

‘High intensity’ is relative. It generally means performing at 9/10 of your capacity, but your 9/10 may be very different to that of a twenty-year-old athlete, or a sixty-year-old returning to training after a sedentary period.

Ask yourself, ‘are the movements right for my body?’ Make sure there are progressions and regressions of all movements available before diving into a one-size-fits all option.

Should you do HIIT every day? The short answer is no. You need some Yin to your Yang to ensure you have balance and proper recovery in your overall routine.


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